Shoprider Brand Mobility Scooter – The Perfect Choice

Shoprider Brand of Mobility Scooter provide innovative, modern and sleek designs with affordable pricing.

Shoprider Brand have a great supply of accessories for most makes and models of mobility scooters.

With your mobility scooter purchase, South West Mobility offer free home assessment trialling of mobility scooters to help with your decision.  If you do decide to go ahead and purchase a mobility scooter, South West Mobility provide free delivery to the Sydney South Western Areas of  Liverpool, Casula, Fairfield, Campbelltown, Camden, Leppington, Picton, Wollondilly, (to name a few).

Shoprider Brand are certified and conform to the rules and procedures of the Internationally recognized Standard of Quality ISO 9001.  The Shoprider Brand is consistent in keeping up to date with the recurrent changes that occur with audits and checks.

The Shoprider Brand is listed and meets the regulations of the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) as well as the regulatory bodies and standards in America (FDA) and Europe (CE).

South West Mobility welcome you to our new Smeaton Grange Shop location to see the variety of Shoprider Brand mobility scooters available for sale.

The Shoprider Portable Mobility Scooter QT8 – Little Beauty. The QT8 is easy to take apart into separate pieces and either placed in the boot of your car, or safely stored.  The QT8 is just as easy to reassemble. The heaviest section weighs13kgs and it is the front chassis.  The battery pack (that is two batteries) weigh 8.8kgs (12amp).

The Shoprider GK9 Mid Size Mobility Scooter is, the next size up, completely portable.  The GK9 is easy to dismantle and reassemble.  The heaviest section weighs 15kgs.

The Shoprider GK10 Crossover Mobility Scooter is the biggest portable scooter in the Shoprider range.  The heaviest sections weighs 21kgs.

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