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Uccello Kettle all-in-one kettle and tipper

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Uccello Kettle is an all-in-one kettle and tipper

Uccello Designs – making people’s lives easier.

• 2-year Warranty Guarantee
• Your Uccello Kettle is Waiting
• Making Tea Just Got Easier
• Your Safe & Easy Kettle

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Uccello Kettle is an all-in-one kettle and tipper

Open up a world of confidence & independence with your very own Uccello Kettle.
The effortless “tilt-to-pour” action of your Uccello Kettle – safely handle boiling water.
The Uccello Kettle is an all-in-one kettle and tipper, designed to give greater independence to those with restricted strength and mobility.

• With your own Uccello Kettle, you won’t have to balance or strain yourself again
• Your Uccello Kettle is Here with a 2-year Guarantee. Don’t Miss Out
• Never again will you need to lift a hot heavy kettle. Simply tilt, stir & enjoy.
• Making a cup of tea shouldn’t be a chore. Trust your gut & the Uccello Kettle today
• You will fall in love with the ease & style of your very own easy pour Uccello Kettle
• No more spilled hot water or heavy lifting. Simply tilt, pour & enjoy!
• The Uccello Safety Kettle with easy-pour action. No heavy lifting required!
• The Uccello Safety Kettle with easy-pour action means no more heavy lifting!
• Your Uccello Kettle makes handling boiling hot water safe and easy!
• The Uccello Kettle – No More Lifting, No More Pain; Just Pour!

The revolutionary and unique pouring design of the Uccello Kettle was thoughtfully designed to enable hot water to be poured from Kettle to cup, easily, safely and confidently.
The light-weight design and circular dynamics of the kettle, combined with its rotating cradle transfers any “lift action” to an assisted “tilt and pour” action so there is no longer any lifting, straining, balancing or aiming of hot water!

The Uccello Kettle delivers hot water safely and steadily, every time.

General Specifications
• Effortless pouring technology
• Stainless steel heating element with British safety technology and control
• Auto shut-off with overheating protection
• Ergonomic handle for easy handling
• Removable stainless steel anti-scale filter
• Water level indicator
• Power-on light
• Large non-slip base
• Quiet boiling

Design Materials
Kettle vessel, cradle and base: Polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer. All plastics in contact with water are BPA free.
Element and controls: Stainless steel.

Technical Specifications
Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe
o 1.5 Litres capacity
o 50Hz | 1850-2200 Watts
o 220-240 Volts
United States of America and Canada
o 1.5 Litres capacity
o 60Hz | 1500 Watts
o 120 Volts

The idea for the Uccello Kettle came about in early 2011 after founder and innovator Andy De Petra was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.
What began as an idea to invent a kettle to overcome the limited options available for people with arthritis soon became a much larger project that has been recognised by the Assistive Technology Suppliers Association (ATSA) and Drive Medical in the UK.
The Kettle now has distribution partners in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland.

The Uccello Tipping Kettle was designed using the innovative and unique PowerPour technology which means the user can safely pour boiling water without removing the kettle from its cradle by just tilting the kettle.
Its ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use for people with arthritis or hand injury. The kettle features a wide spout and large hinged lid to easily fill with water. The water level indicator assists the user to ensure it isn’t overfilled. The base is non-slip and weighted.
The Kettle has a stainless-steel heating element, power-on light and auto shut-off with overheating protection.
This product is currently available in Black & White or Red & White colours.

Our Uccello Kettle ensures the day-to-day safe handling of hot boiling water in the home.
Ideal for those who may have limited:
– Mobility
– Strength – arm, wrist or hand
– Dexterity
– Visibility
We aim to promote safety, confidence & independence in the kitchen for all.