Surround Patella Strap

The Surround Patella Strap Features & Benefits

  • Helps to relieve anterior knee pain caused by patellar tendonitis, chondromalacia and Osgood Schlatter by applying pressure to the patella tendon.
  • The unique cylindrical Floam bladder is encased in a soft, latex free nylon/foam strap with adjustable closures for individualized compression.
  • Floam is unique material that provides uniform compression and a customized fit while prohibiting pressure form being displaced to bony prominences.
  • Patent pending.



The Surround Patella Strap Measurements:

Measure circumference just below kneecap


(XS) Extra Small:  Less than 25cm
(S) Small:   26cm – 31cm
(M) Medium:  32cm – 38cm
(L) Large:  39cm – 44cm
(XL) Extra Large:  45cm plus