Sigvaris Medical Compression Cotton Socks

Sigvaris Medical Compression Cotton Socks for Women and Men with sensitive skin (with closed or open toe)

Wearing Sigvaris Medical Compression Socks is beneficial for Pregnant Women with aching legs and/or the management and treatment of varicose veins as well as other venous disorders

Swiss made quality seal

Excellent at helping your body keep its’ core internal temperature


Sigvaris Medical Compression Cotton Socks provide relief from pain and swelling.

Thanks to cotton’s natural properties, cotton socks are particularly suitable for those of us with sensitive skin, ensuring greater comfort and well-being.

Wear Sigvaris compression socks especially when doing long distance travel or when you are not moving and, perhaps, immobile. The mix of fibres also ensures a balanced temperature in fluctuating climatic conditions.

Colours:  beige and black only

In Shop product only due custom measurement requirement