LEVO C3 Standing Powered Wheelchair

Excellent drive, ultimate standing

  • User-friendly, simple handling
  • Maximum safety in all positions
  • Compact maneuverability for tight spaces (turning circle 117 cm)
  • Small dimension, compact transport volume
  • High battery capacity: range up to 25 km, optional up to 35 km
  • Individually and manually adjustable for upper and lower leg, foot position and back angle
  • Seat width 32 up to 52 cm
  • User weight up to 140 kg
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance and service updates


Meet the ultimate powered standing wheelchair. The LEVO C³ is compact, agile, easy to handle and extremely powerful. Perfect for active people on the move. Curbs part of your daily commute? No problem with the LEVO C³ drive system that turns a maneuverable mid-wheel base into a powerful, climbing 4 wheel drive action base. For classroom, work or home, you also have the tight turning radius and agile maneuverability of a mid-wheel base.

The LEVO C³ incorporates a new generation advancement in the famous LEVO low shearing standing systems. Incredibly smooth transition to standing including the automatic wheel base adjustment. Now you have a frontwheel drive base for unparalled driving stability and response in the standing position. The latest innovation from LEVO, the experts in standing!