Katie High Back Adjustable Chair

Katie High Back Chair offers a modern design styling with adjustable seat height as well as adjustable seat depth.

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Katie High Back Adjustable Chair


The elderly are prone to numerous physical difficulties which gradually develop with age, restricting their mobility and conducting their normal daily activities with much difficulty. Poor blood circulation and reduction in strength and adjust-ability are some issues that affect the living conditions. Using the correct furniture is very important to aid the specific needs to arrest this situation.

Benefits of a High Chair

A High Back Adjustable Chair provides good back and shoulder support. It is vital to use a high chair when the person is struck with a back injury and experiencing pain as it provides a good support for the back.

It supports the full spine and stimulates a good posture. The back is relaxed, prevents slouching ensuring less force on the spine. However, the best support is provided by chairs with backs that extend to the neck.



Brown, Grey, Mushroom, Blue

Katie High Back Adjustable Chair

Overall Dimensions (at lowest setting) are 665mm (width) x 650mm (depth) x 1140mm (height)

Seat Width between armrests is 480mm

Seat Height is 450mm – 575mm (from floor to top of seat) with 25mm adjustment increments

Armrest Height is 220mm (from top of seat to top of armrest)

Backrest Width is 480mm (at widest point)

Backrest Height is 700mm

Backrest Angle is 98 degrees

Mobility Wheel 50mm

Weight 13kg

Maximum User Weight is 200kg