Invacare ISA Stand Assist is a mechanised stand aid is designed to support transfers for disabled and elderly people who have some weight bearing ability, but are unable to raise themselves into a standing position. With a focus on flexible adjustment enables the ISA Stand Assist to adapt to the needs of a wider range of body sizes offering a natural pattern of movement for a comfortable lift.

Invacare ISA Stand Assist

Optimised design for comfortable transfers.
Lower leg support | Extendable lifting arm | Ergonomic hand grips

Our new versatile Invacare Stand Assist lifter has been designed to suit a range of users who require assistance during a transfer but can weight bear.

The new Invacare Stand Assist lifter provides safety, comfort and a more pleasant experience for clients. ISA is the product for those independent individuals who are in need of some assistance

As a caregiver, usability is a fundamental element, which is why the new ISA has a reduced, curved overall base dimension and reduced product weight. In many cases, the caregiver may be a family member, and therefore the ease of use is imperative. Dismantling this product can be done without any tools, and thus transportation can be achieved fluidly.

ISA features many options and accessories to adapt the lifter ergonomics to the user’s body shape and dimensions.

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Perfect for an environment with limited space
Max Safe Working Load: 140kg
Recommended user height: 1400 – 1800mm
Leg operation: Manual

Superior care for plus size clients
Max Safe Working Load: 200kg
Recommended user height: 1400 – 2000mm
Leg operation: Electric