Duostrap Back Brace

The DonJoy Duostrap Back Brace is perfect for lumbar and/or abdominal conditions, acute or subacute lower back pain, temporary (post-partum) or persistent (obesity) abdominal weakness, post-op use following abdominal procedures.

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The DonJoy Duostrap Back Brace Therapeutic Benefits

  • Pain relief – Exerting strong compression helps alleviate lumbar pain
  • Postural reminder – Proprioceptive effect helps prevent noxious movements – Stabilization & controlled Mobilization – Via strong wraparound and limited range-of-motion
  • Abdominal weakness compensation – Via strong elastic compressive material

The Donjoy Duostrap Back Support offers optimal comfort. One product from the new Donjoy Back Support range, the new design features ease of adjustment with straps that offer optimum comfort. The ergonomic front panels are comfortable for both standing and sitting.

  • Strong compressive elastic material for enhanced abdominal and dorsal support
  • High waist design Increased overall abdominal hold
  • Double Bilateral straps to adjust compression level
  • Four strong elasticated straps apply even compression to the core to relieve pain and promote recovery
  • XXL Size available
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