Dry Power 50amp Deep Cycle Battery for mobility scooters



Drypower 12V 50Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery for mobility scooters.


Volts: 12
Ah: 50
Length (mm): 198
Width (mm): 166
Height (mm): 171
Weight (kg): 14.3
Warranty: 1 year

Additional Information

Drypower is the new quality battery designed in WA and available for a very affordable price.

It is suitable for all types of electric vehicles like mobility scooters, wheelchairs, golf carts and similar but can also be used for standby (UPS) applications.

Also the perfect battery for camping use. If you need a battery that runs your lights or fridge while out camping, the Drypower battery will do all you can ask for.