Day Care Utility Chair


Heavy Duty, holding maximum weight capacity of 180kg

Comfortable day chair with height adjustment

Offers comfort, style, design, functionality and reliability

Covered with luxury padded vinyl upholstery

Unit Weight of Day Care Utility Chair is 8kg

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Backrest is soft and padded and removable

Extension legs – adjustment holes are spaced at 25mm increments on three extension legs and 12.5mm increments on the fourth extension leg for perfect balance

Extension legs – oval shaped tubing prevents the inner and outer tube from misalignment

Note:  extension legs increase height by 100mm

Overall minimum height 88cm.  Overall maximum height 103cm

Overall length 58.5cm; Overall widht 62cm

Seat Depth 48cm, Seat Width 48.5cm

Seat Height minimum 46.5cm; Seat Height maximum 61.5cm

Armrest height 18.5cm