Wheelchairs Lightweight Standard Self Propel Transit and Custom For Sale Lightweight Transit Bariatric Manual & Electric Wheelchairs Available Australia Wide. Highly adjustable lightweight wheelchairs designed for an active lifestyle. From Rigid, tilt in space to folding wheelchairs, find a wheelchair that suits you.

Standard Wheelchair Types
It is essential when you’re living with physical challenges that you have the right standard wheelchair to enable independent and fulfilled living. Standard wheelchairs are designed for people with limited strength and movement in hands, arms, and upper body and those who are challenged with walking.

Lightweight Standard Wheelchairs require little effort to operate and allow users to navigate their own journey. We have a range of chairs that can be customised to suit your preferences. There are many options to discover, and our skilled and experienced staff are on hand to ensure you find the best option for your needs.

Transit Wheelchair
Transit chairs have the goal of helping people to remain as mobile as possible. A Transit Chair does not allow its user to travel independently, but for those with physical or mental limitations that require assistance, a motorised wheelchair can be very beneficial.

Most Transit Chairs are designed for those with minimal muscle strength or hand coordination, possibly due to total paralysis or lack of limbs. Transit Chairs are one of the least expensive wheelchairs available and are extremely lightweight.

In most cases, Transit Chairs are used for temporary situations such as transport for hospital patients or for those who are temporarily too weak to walk or use a manual wheelchair. If you are looking for a low-cost and extremely lightweight portable mobility device, this may be the best option for you.

Our expert team will work with you to assess your needs and determine which option may be best suited to you. South West Mobility are the experts in Mobility Scooters, wheelchairs and more and our extensive range is available at our showroom at 4/8 Maxwell Place NSW 2567. With all of the latest releases, you can be sure that you’ll find the right wheelchair Sydney can offer below.

Tilt In Space Wheelchairs
As part of our promise to ensure the people of Sydney have access to the latest in mobility, we offer a range of Tilt-In-Space Transit Wheelchairs designed to manage every aspect of postural support and comfort.

The seating system of these wheelchairs is versatile with a range of options and adjustments suitable for transit or self-propel rear wheels. These chairs are designed to meet the requirements of every individual, and we only stock brands that have been tried and trusted the world over.

The comfortable seating of these models allows the user to alter the seat position for maximum comfort. When combined with their simple driving characteristics, the Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair can improve quality of life with excellent stability at every angle.

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With our help, you will find the right wheelchair thanks to our extensive range. View the current listings below, and bookmark this page to always see the latest releases.

Self Propel Wheelchair

Power wheelchairs or Powered Wheelchairs offer benefits similar to a traditional wheelchair with the combination and ease of a motorised wheelchair.
Choose from a range of power wheelchairs for sale ideal for those who dont have upper body strength to manage self propelling wheelchairs for everyday use.
More noteworthy a powered wheelchair can be operated independently making the ideal as they require minimal effort.
South West Mobility carries a range of Shoprider power wheelchairs Invacare Power Wheelchairs modern design and safety features.
Our selection includes comfortable and aesthetically pleasing designs that boast outstanding performance and a variety of seating options.

Electric Wheelchairs have advanced over the years to provide effortless driving handling ensuring you can access daily tasks. Electric wheelchair prices allow individuals a range of options and are available to be trailed in your home.

South West Mobility are the experts in Mobility Scooters, wheelchairs and other related items. We invite you to see the products first-hand at our showroom, 4/8 Maxwell Place NSW 2567. We also recommend that you bookmark this page or website as we are continually updating our product offerings with the latest releases. When it comes to finding the right wheelchair, Sydney turns to our team to ensure the best solution. This is easy with our extensive range; view the current inclusions below.