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Improve access and increase independence with disability ramps in your home or office

Wheelchair ramps are a crucial element of the home for people with physical disabilities or elderly individuals. These cost-effective items enhance a person’s ability to access certain areas of a home or business despite their condition.

At Southwest Mobility, our wide -range of access ramps come in various forms, from small threshold rubber wedge ramps designed to allow wheelchairs or mobility aids to cross through doorways to larger installations that help bypass stairs. 

Increase mobility and independence with our wide range of disability ramps

Ramps increase the mobility capabilities of individuals with physical disabilities with an inclined plane that helps those who rely on wheelchairs and other mobility aids to easily reach their destination.

Wheelchair ramps eliminate the need for stairs and can prevent people from having accidents around the home. Increase independence around the home and enable people with disabilities and mobility issues to navigate their space without solely relying on the assistance of caregivers and loved ones. 

Added safety in the home or business

Along with helping people navigate through their homes, our wide selection of disability ramps provide added safety during harsh weather conditions. For example, in Australia, access ramps must include certain safety features and gradient slopes of over 1:20 with non-slip surfaces. These inclusions are safety features that can help prevent accidents during the rain and winter seasons. 

At Southwest Mobility, we work to make life much easier for people with physical conditions and provide independence to elderly people and persons with disabilities via our range. Shop the full collection of ramp types below and ask our expert team any questions you may have to ensure you find the right option today.

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