For a person who uses a wheelchair, quality back support is crucial to optimising function and independence. There are many benefits to solid back support, such as:

  • Trunk stability and balance when supporting the natural curves of the spine
  • Enhanced cushioning will promote pelvic stability and pressure redistribution
  • You will decrease the likelihood of progression in postural abnormalities
  • Decrease pain due to increased sitting tolerance
  • Promote optimal function, safety, and independence due to increased connection and responsiveness to the wheelchair

South West Mobility, suppliers of the Mobility Scooter in Sydney, offers a range of wheelchair back supports and other products to help increase the comfort of those who need them. Our showroom at 4/8 Maxwell Place NSW 2567 has all of our options on display, and you can see the full selection via the range below.

Feel free to contact South West Mobility, an NDIS registered business, if you have any questions about our products, and we’ll be happy to help. Bookmark our site to see the latest releases in mobility assistance and ask our expert team about our home visits if required.

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