Patient Lifters

Our selection of patient lifters offers a mechanised stand aid that supports transfers for disabled and elderly people who cannot raise themselves into a standing position. These stands adapt to the needs of a wider range of body sizes, offering a comfortable lift.

Optimised for comfortable transfers, our versatile lifters provide safety, comfort and a pleasant experience. Suitable for independent individuals who are in need of assistance, these machines have simple usability creating ease of use for all who need them. They are also easy to disassemble and transport.

We have sourced the finest patient lifters on offer at South West Mobility in Sydney, starting with the Mobility Scooter and extending to a range of other product fields, which can be seen at our showroom at 4/8 Maxwell Place NSW 2567.

If you have any questions about which machine may be best for you, the team at South West Mobility are here to answer any questions and can arrange a home visit if required. Our NDIS registered business ensures only high-quality assistance products are listed below; view the full range to find the best option for you today.

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