Mobility Scooters

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Mobility Scooter Tyres and Tubes

Tube (13×5.00-6) Golf Tube

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Mobility Scooter Tyres and Tubes

Tube (3.00-8)

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Mobility Scooter Tyres and Tubes

Mobility Scooter Tyre 3.00-8 (360×75) Pneumatic

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Mobility Scooter Tyres and Tubes

Tube [4.10/3.50-6]

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Choosing which Mobility Scooter is right for you

Mobility scooters are a popular mode of transport for those wanting to remain independent and have access to their local community. When a car is no longer an option for transportation, the Mobility Scooters Sydney can access provide a safe alternative so that you can maintain access within your community. We also stock a range of accessories to help increase your comfort and functionality. You currently do not require a license to use a Mobility Scooter, but it’s best to check in your local area what rules apply. Over the past 20 years, technology and safety features have enhanced the user experience of the Mobility Scooter user. Choosing the right size is vital to making the right choice of a Mobility Scooter. The options are as follows: Large Mobility Scooters Suitable for taller or heavier users (with weight capacities up to 220kg). Large scooters typically offer deluxe, soft-riding suspension, extended legroom and more power than standard scooters. They are more capable over uneven terrain, steep hills, and more robust use over long distances. Top speeds vary up to 15km/h, and they offer a maximum range per charge of 40-50km. Mid Size or Medium-sized Mobility Scooters This is the most popular size of scooter, suitable for general outdoor and limited indoor use. Medium scooters usually have at least 10” pneumatic tyres, suspension, lights for night use and comfortable adjustable seating. Whilst You can still dismantle them, but they are only suitable for occasional transporting. Top speeds vary up to 12km/h, and they offer a maximum range per charge of 25-35km. Portable Mobility Scooters Offering maneuverability and convenience, a small scooter is ideal if you want something to get around indoors and need to be able to fit it in the back of your car. They have a smaller turning circle, which comes in handy navigating around a crowded shopping centre. Most of the models at this size fold down or are easily dismantled so you can put them in the car. They are easier to take on holidays as checked baggage, but the smaller size means a smaller battery and less range per charge – only up to 20km. The small wheels can make these units less steady on uneven ground, and they can lack the power needed to get up steep hills. Features you may find in these models include: Easy to disassemble for transport Small size for maneuvering through crowded areas Basic suspension for a smooth ride Removable battery for travel LED front and rear lights for visibility Front basket for shopping Foldable Mobility Scooters When it comes to Mobility Scooters, Sydney can also access folding mobility scooters that are ideal for use indoors. Their design means they can be placed in the boot of a standard car, allowing the unit to be taken where standard mobility scooters may not be able to. There are many factors to consider before opting for this particular model, including: Your height and weight What area do you live in How far do you want to go? Suspension How often you intend to use the scooter each day Will you need to transport the scooter? Where will you store it? Purchase of a Second-Hand Mobility Scooter How to decide the option you need These days, the range of mobility scooters available boasts all the features we used to only dream of. The wide selection available can also make it a little harder to choose. We always recommend speaking with an expert. Our Mobility Scooter Sales Team has had extensive training and knowledge on servicing to make it easier to find a model that suits your needs. You should always ask yourself how you will use the scooter and whether or not you want to transport it? Your environment plays a big part in making a decision. Include the above factors, such as suspension and battery size, to determine your selection. We recommend you speak to one of our expert team members to find the right option for your today!