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Crutches are tried and tested assistive walking aides that are space friendly, user-friendly and great for various uses. Learning to use crutches is easy but requires the whole of your upper body strength, not just the arms.

Carrying and storing crutches is simple, and they can make it much more comfortable to walk up or down stairs when compared to other assistive mobility devices. The best is, they are reasonably inexpensive and helpful for various injuries or lifelong disabilities.

Crutches help by transferring weight from the legs to the upper body and can be used singly or in pairs. They will keep you upright and come in many varieties, including:

  • Axillary (underarm) crutches: Placed against the ribcage under the armpits with a handgrip, best for those with short-term injuries.
  • Lofstrand (forearm) crutches: place the arm into a metal or plastic cuff with a handgrip, more commonly used by people with long-term disabilities.
  • Platform crutches: the hand holds a grip while the forearm rests on a platform, best for those with a weak hand grip due to conditions such as arthritis.

We can also offer Walking Sticks and Walking Frames if better suited to your needs. Speak to the expert team at South West Mobility about the best options for you, and view our full range below.

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