Reachers and Grabbers

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People with limited reaching capabilities can find life a little easier with reacher and grabber tools. These products are helpful when reaching for difficult to get items inside cabinets and refrigerators or more. Reachers are devices designed to attain objects from a distance and act like hands and fingers when the trigger is pulled.

Available in several different weights and styles to suit varying needs, anyone with a limited range of motion can benefit from the options listed below. Our reachers are lightweight and easy to manage, perfect for picking up small items or for those that may have trouble reaching things when they are seated.

Any person with limited arm mobility can find help with our reachers which are just some of the implements we offer to make life simpler, along with bathroom accessories and the Mobility Scooter. From Australia wide shipping to a mobile visit or a meeting at our showroom, 4/8 Maxwell Place NSW 2567, we are here to supply the aids for your needs.

South West Mobility is an NDIS registered business; bookmark this site to see the latest releases in the world of mobility assistance as we add them.