Shower Stool

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Shower Stools are one of the important bathroom aids designed to give the user confidence and limit the risk of falls in the wet area. Our Bathroom stools are extremely stable with strong aluminium legs that can be adjusted to suit multiple heights; each leg also has large rubber stoppers for added stability.

Those with mobility issues are most at-risk in the bathroom, where areas can be slippery, and there are hard and dangerous surfaces, like bathtub and sink edges. Shower Stools and the range of bathroom accessories stocked at South West Mobility aim to make this space not only safer but easier to use. With our help, you or your loved ones can regain some independence in the bathroom.

Trust the experts at South West Mobility, Sydney’s primary suppliers of the Mobility Scooter. We work hard to improve quality of life and stock a range of products, all viewable via our showroom at 4/8 Maxwell Place NSW 2567, to ensure this.

South West Mobility, an NDIS registered business, can help you make sure that simple daily tasks like time spent in the bathroom are safer. View the full range below.

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