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Just like a car, a mobility Scooter needs regular servicing to ensure it is safe and ready to go. This will ensure you get longevity out of your scooter. Your battery, in particular, is one of the most important sections to care for. Each Mobility Scooter Sydney has will come with a guideline for battery use and range. To help when it comes time to service, charge


Along with the battery, a service will also make sure the other important area, the brakes, are working properly. For your safety, we recommend that you get them checked and serviced once a year at least.


Finally, your mobility scooter’s tyres are prone to wear and tear or even puncture in some cases. Tyres should also be checked and serviced regularly to make sure they do their job.


Store your scooter in a cool, dry place to protect the exterior, as well as the battery. Speak to the experts at South West Mobility about a regular service, and keep safe with a scooter that can go the distance! Get in contact to organise a time for your servicing today and view our various accessories to help create a more comfortable ride.