Knee Walker / Knee Scooter

All Terrain Knee Walker South West Mobility

Knee Walker / Knee Scooter

Get up and knee walk. With a Knee Walker, life just got a whole lot easier.

Experience greater mobility in your daily life with a Knee Walker. It is an easier way to keep moving without limitations. Knee Walkers will aid mobility while keeping you on your feet.

Enhances Mobility – Knee Walkers are a great way to ensure freedom of movement for those with below the knee injuries. They continuously support the injured leg while it is positioned in a proper non-weight bearing position.
Improved Balance – Keeping a Knee Walker’s foot up also reduces risk of weight landing on, or reinjuring, the foot.

Reduce Risk – Knee Walkers offer improved mobility without risking additional injury or the loss of independence because they keep a person’s feet off the ground while they move around.
Safe Transport – Some people experience difficulty getting around on their own because they are unable to walk due to injury. Knee Walkers provide a solution as they can safely transport these individuals from point A to point B.
Comforting Presence – Knee Walkers can also provide comfort for those who have had foot surgery or post surgical complications because it is a more natural walking position than crutches or a wheelchair.