Delivering More Than Just Mobility During COVID-19

While a global pandemic has turned some small businesses upside down, there are others, like David Jefferies from South West Mobility who have taken up the challenge and ran with it. 

“When you are in the business of serving the community, a global pandemic certainly changes how we do business,” says David. He found there weren’t as many people walking through the door, but the phone enquires, and online purchases continued to grow. But these challenging times create opportunities, and David and the South West Mobility team, continue to provide customers with products that enable people living with physical challenges to live independent and fulfilling lifestyles. 

David hasn’t slowed down during COVID-19, it has seen him more determined than ever to give his local community a choice and the care they need. They deliver more than just mobility, the South West Mobility team value their clients and want access to be easy during what is a difficult time. This has seen David leaning on his vast experience in the mobility industry to wade through the challenge of remaining accessible and available during what is a global pandemic.

“For the past ten years as a product manager for mobility and seating products with Invacare, I got to see how life-giving products like these are for people,” says David. “My time at Invacare was incredible. It’s the worlds leading manufacturer of non-acute medical devices, and I got to work with some amazing people. Along with being part of a professional team, my background in retail paved the way for my newest project, South West Mobility, and had given me the skills needed to successfully remain accessible during a business’s most challenging times.”

It is clear that David’s priority is not only about being part of a team that learns and grows professionally from one another, but he clearly values his clients. His determination to remain accessible to his local community is inspiring, and it is clear that as a small business, he is not only working harder to meet their needs but is also working smarter. Together, he and the South West Mobility team have taken on the challenge and continued to embrace the local community. Which, is one of the reasons why South West Mobility has been nominated by their peers as a finalist for the Camden Local Business Awards as the most inclusive employer. It is important to David that people live fulfilled, comfortable and able lives with the use of mobility aids. He recognises how much more important this is with people being more isolated during COVID-19.

David not only believes in accessibility for his local community, but he also shares how working alongside other professionals enable him to create better services for clients. David explains “I am guided by amazing Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists where we share client’s stories and work to solve problems so individuals can live the most independent lifestyles possible.”

David’s commitment to working with others, such as these Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to further his knowledge and skill gives his small business the step up it needs in a climate where many aren’t thriving. Sharing and learning from others enables positive change and growth and ensures that clients needs are being met at the highest standard.

If you ask David what makes him stand out from the rest and what success look like? His answer, as you may guess, is not about himself but those around him, he is humble and equates a lot of positivity surrounding business to his team, “Success is thriving as a business in our community during this current climate, even more, is being able to employ people within our community which gives me greater satisfaction.”