Adjustable Height Chair

adjustable height chair

Adjustable Height Chair

Adjustable height chair, is often described as a firm padded height adjusatble louge chair with a back rest and padded arm rests.

The function of an adjustable height chair provides comfort, support and ease of transfer on/off the chair to a person with decreased leg strength mobility or endurance.

This chair is to be adjusted to a height that is most suitable to the user when transfering into the standing position.

Points to consider

  • Ensure the adjustable height chair is stable on the floor and cannot slide.
  • Two hands should be placed on the armrests when transferring on/off the adjustable height chair to aovid being unbalanced.
  • To sit on the chair – walk backwards until you can feel the seat on the back of your legs and lower yourself onto the seat.
  • to stand from the chair – lean forward and push up through legs, unless otherwise specified by your health care professional.
  • Do not change the height adjustmentof the legs after the inital set up
  • Position the chair so it is easily accessible to the user. Preferably in an open space with a clear passage to and from the chair.

 Additional considerations

  • Locate items such as cordless telephone, remote control and reading glasses on a table next to the chair, so they are within easy reach.
  • The adjustable height chair should be regularly cleanned.